Tempting Death: Book One of The Grim Trilogy

*** Previously published as CALL ME GRIM***

“His icy eyes penetrate mine and a chill prickles over my arms despite the early summer heat. I don’t believe in ESP or mind reading or crap like that, but there’s something deep in his eyes. He knows something. More than he should.”

The truck should have flattened Libbi into a pancake, but a mysterious boy named Aaron saved her life. The problem? Aaron’s the local Grim Reaper. The bigger problem? He saved her so he could ask her to take over his job. Now, Libbi has just days to choose between dying like she was supposed to or living a lonely life as Death Incarnate. The choice only gets harder when she learns Aaron’s reasons for wanting out of the whole morbid business. Basically, his job is beyond terrible.

Still, when Aaron looks at her, there’s something more in his eyes. Something sinister, dark and secret. Something he’s hiding. Libbi will be damned if she’ll die without figuring it out. And she’ll be damned if she takes over as Reaper and lets him go.

Living Grim: Book Two of The Grim Trilogy

To be released: August 2016

***Previously published as DEATH BECOMES ME***

“Libbi Piper…” The voice needles into my brain and then explodes like a million voices inside my head, overpowering, all-consuming. “Libbi Piper… You cannot escape me. You belong to me.”

Grim Reapers on the run, Libbi and Aaron have escaped their hometown of Carroll Falls. They’re unscathed, together, and alive, but there’s a price to pay for their tenuous freedom. A deadly one.

Libbi and Aaron have broken the Reaper’s covenant with Abaddon, aka Death himself, and now they’re right at the top of Abaddon’s Most Wanted list. There’s nowhere to hide, and no one, alive or dead, they can turn to for help. Until Libbi hears word of a Reaper in hiding – a Reaper who once escaped Abaddon's wrath. Finding this mysterious Reaper might be the perfect solution, if Death doesn’t find them first.