Your customers may build trust in their business, create credibility with their target demographic, and attract more Instagram followers by using content pillars.

Because of this, your social media marketing staff will have an easier time coming up with ideas and really putting them into action.

We’ll assist your firm in establishing content cornerstones that will make Instagram advertising campaigns provide consistent returns.

So, what exactly is a “content pillar”?

Content pillars, in their most basic definition, are a set of subjects around which a brand regularly produces content.

Canadian cuisine may serve as the second pillar. The blogger’s coverage of grilled, steamed, fried, etc., foods can all fall under this umbrella.

If you use a content pillar to organise your pieces, you’ll make it simpler for your readers to take in what you’ve written.

Instagram content structure and its importance

If you want to build dependable Instagram posts like a pro, here’s how to do it.

1. Determine who you want to follow you and then work backwards

In Instagram advertising, the number of followers is a vital KPI.

Flip the process around and go backwards to predict what would “appeal” to Instagram users. Look at the top of the pyramid and determine the interests of your target audience.

2. Research the hashtags used by your demographic.

Examining the hashtags that are followed by your target audience is the next step.

A more direct method of finding prospective content pillars is to look at the hashtags that are followed by your desired audience.

3. Align your approach with the pillars of your website’s content

Your customer may already have content pillars if they maintain a blog. Then, you can integrate these Instagram-specific niches into your overall plan.

In an ideal world, their website would be loaded with a variety of eye-catching visuals. That should greatly simplify the process of coming up with Instagram posts.

4. Look at current market trends

You can find great content pillars for your client by keeping up with industry news and trends.

However, there’s no guarantee that any given fad will serve as a valuable content pillar for your customer. If you want to know if a topic will work for your customer, you need to know their audience.

5. Outline content pillars on par with Instagram

Keep in mind that you still need to establish content pillars for the various Instagram posts you intend to make. These will serve as guidelines for how your content team should provide information for your customer.

Types of Essential Instagram Posts

You now know which broad categories of content to emphasise in your client’s Instagram marketing effort.

Here are a few content pillar examples for Instagram to help you get started quickly with your planning:

1. The Images of Products

Clients’ Instagram feeds should be filled with images of products.

Just be sure you incorporate helpful and relevant information. You might, for instance, include a link to a helpful tutorial explaining how the product works and how it may be put to use.

2. Content from behind-the-scenes

Posting about your client’s culture, whether in the form of a narrative or a regular post, will make them more approachable and likeable.

The staff may eat lunch together and document it in an Instagram Story. If your customer has a field team, you may also post a photo of them in action.

3. Material created by users

You’ll see the value of user-generated content (UGC) and how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy if you’re familiar with the value of influencer marketing.

This includes both direct and indirect mentions of your brand in user-generated content (such as postings by influencers). It might be a review, testimonial, or even simply a snapshot of your product in action.

Your client’s Instagram account can already include user-generated material. However, a more effective strategy is to design unique images that feature both the user’s or influencer’s comments and your brand’s logo.

4. Educational material

Many businesses use Instagram to provide useful industry insights and statistics with their followers.

If your client uses Instagram as part of their marketing plan, you can replicate your success by helping them get a larger following and greater respect in their field.

Here are some types of material that might be considered part of this foundation:

  • Brief instructional videos
  • Data in the form of text
  • Images depicting data (charts, graphs, etc.)
  • Screenshots
  • Lists

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