Facebook’s recent policy changes have reduced the organic reach of photo updates more than they ever have previously. Nonetheless, the prevalence of image posts on Facebook is unwavering.

How do you get more people to like, comment, and share your Facebook photo updates?

If you want your photo posts to go viral and bring more attention to your business, consider adopting these seven best practises from successful Facebook Pages.

1. Make an Anecdotal Case

Facebook users tend to be regular folks who have similar interests and routines. Photos that resonate with followers on a personal level are more likely to go viral on the social media platform. When the audience can point and say, “See, it’s about me!” they are much more likely to interact with the material.

Childhood reminiscences, Monday blues, Friday elation, Internet dependency, pop culture references, favourite films and video games, portable technology, etc. are all topics that may be used in a picture update by anybody.

Maybe, such an image won’t say all that much about your business or its wares (unless you try to tie it in). Yet this helps you get more people to interact with your photo update, which in turn boosts your profile’s visibility in users’ news feeds.

2. Laughter is Step Two

In all likelihood, the services and goods your business provides have little to do with comedy.

The point of your update will be missed if you resort to extremes of dark humour or profanity. If you post images to your Facebook page that are too risqué, some of your followers may choose to unfollow your page.

3. Requesting Favorites and Sharings

Those who make lengthy, convoluted comments on photos are met with nothing but silence from their followers in the form of a swift scroll through. Keep the accompanying content brief and politely request that readers show their approval of the update by clicking the “like” or “share” buttons.

4. Fourth, Make the Most of Breaking News

Promote your company by linking it to current events or controversial themes. Events in the political sphere, the corporate world, technological advances, sports, future celebrations, etc. If you’re going to use a tie-in, make sure it’s something the general public will get.

5. To top it all off, publish discount codes and contests.

Despite Facebook’s “Offers” premium programme, most stores still use photo updates to promote sales and freebies. Photos are easily shared in the news stream, allowing you to reach consumers far and wide without spending a dime.

6. Sixth, let them see behind the scenes of your business.

The human tendency is to wonder about the world. That’s why we’d prefer peruse a person’s photo album than read their profile. Having stated that, make an effort to humanise your company.

Facebook users will appreciate unique staff pics much more.

7. Number Seven: Encourage Feedback From Readers

Remember that others will comment on your photos, so give some attention to what you publish. When readers have anything to add in response, they leave a remark. Why not give your audience a reason to engage in conversation by publishing material that invites their feedback?

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How To Get More Facebook Likes, Comments, And Shares From Your Pictures