Instagram started as a photo-sharing app, but now it’s a major marketing hub where companies can connect with ideal consumers.

When it was launched in 2010, it was similar to other photo-sharing websites at the time (like Pinterest). And now it’s a major social media marketing platform, swarming with businesses, marketers, and influencers.

Let’s analyse its strengths as a marketing tool and discuss how you might put them to use.

Is Instagram Marketing Worth It?

Instagram has a vast user base, making it one of the most popular social networking sites. There are more than 1 billion people using Instagram each month as of April 2019. Therefore, any company or marketer would be foolish to dismiss the platform’s user base.

Create a Business Profile on Instagram

Establishing an Instagram account as a company is the first and most crucial step in using the platform for marketing purposes.

You may choose between a personal account and a corporate account when you sign up for Instagram. The latter option is preferable if your goal is to advertise your brand on Instagram and gain a strong online foothold. There are additional benefits to using it as well.

You can add links to your Stories and make your posts Shoppable if you have an Instagram business account.

Business Instagram Accounts: How to Create One

Instagram now requires businesses to have a Facebook business page in order to sign up for an account. Select the “page” option from the “create” menu in the upper right.
After that, you make your Facebook brand page by clicking the “Business or Brand” button.
Create a clever moniker for your site. One that stands in for your company. Then decide what kind of company you want to be.
You may now open an Instagram account for your company. All you have to do is navigate to Instagram’s settings and click the button labelled “Switch to business account,” as demonstrated in the screenshot below.
You should also make sure that your profile is not set to private and is instead visible to the general public. As a business or marketer, you’ll want your profile to be seen by the general public.

Tips for Getting the Most Likes on Instagram

You only get one chance to create a good impression on Instagram users and convince them to follow you. You have a very little window of opportunity to capture the attention of a profile viewer and turn them into a paying customer. Because of this, making the most of your Instagram presence is crucial.

To help you make the most of your Instagram account, consider these tips:

  • Make sure the name you choose for your profile reflects your company’s identity.
  • Create a fascinating biography that will intrigue readers and serve as a promotional tool for your business.
  • Include a link to your website in your bio, ideally with a short, memorable URL that can be easily monitored.
  • Your bio is another great place to advertise your branded hashtag.
  • Choose a logo-appropriate, high-quality photo for your profile.
  • Consistently utilise a predetermined colour scheme or brand style in all of your postings.

Use Instagram Posts in Any Format You Like

Instagram’s content options extend far beyond the standard post, each with its own set of benefits and potential applications. Try using some of these creative and interesting content types in addition to your regular postings.

Stories on Instagram

Instagram Stories are a creative and entertaining method for businesses to interact with target demographic and spread their brand message. In order to keep people interested in the brief, fleeting format, you need to provide them with material that is both entertaining and informative.

When is the best time to upload a story on Instagram?

Instagram posts, which are favoured by Instagram’s most recent algorithm, must be published when people are most active, whereas Stories may be shared whenever the author chooses. These will stay at the top of the feed for a whole day. In order for your target demographic to have access to them throughout that time frame.

What Should Be Included in Online Stories?

You may share all kinds of different things on Instagram Stories. You can use Instagram Stories in countless ways, and here are just a few examples:

Advertise a freebie or a contest

This is a simple and efficient strategy for attracting new followers and increasing interaction with your existing audience.

Freebies are a proven method of attracting and retaining an interested audience. Therefore, a call to action (CTA) that links to the competition post or website is essential.

In addition, you may encourage individuals to follow your social media pages by making them a requirement for entering the contest.

To inquire, to query

This is such a smart and easy technique to get people talking and interested in what you have to say. But if you want to strike up productive talks with your target demographic, you’ll need to do your homework beforehand.

Pose a question that is both interesting and useful to your listeners. Instagram Stories allow you to apply a question sticker to interact with your followers.

The best aspect is that after collecting responses from your followers, you may publish every single one of them. This will save you time because you won’t need to come up with new material for your Instagram Stories for the next two days.

Make tests and surveys

Content in the form of polls and quizzes are automatically interesting. When presented with a quiz, most people feel compelled to take it and test their knowledge. People are interested in polls because they want to know if their views are shared by the majority or not, and this appeals to our innate desire to feel connected to others.

Instagram Stories stickers may be used to easily make polls. Share the quiz’s URL or promote it through Stories to spread the word about in-depth quizzes. This will send them to your website where they may take the quiz properly.

The Complete Guide To Instagram Marketing