Just where did Instagram have its start?

In 2010, Stanford University graduate and then-27-year-old Kevin Systrom founded Burbn. Kevin’s business received $500,000 in early investment. As time went on, he abandoned Burbn in favour of Instagram.

Instagram anticipates that by 2021, advertising revenue in the United States would reach $18 billion. More than 25 million of its members are businesses, and it is believed that it has over a billion total users.

In 2020, thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic, the overall number of platform users increased. Instagram business accounts skyrocketed as more companies were compelled to move their operations online.

A carousel on Instagram is… what?

A post featuring many photos or videos is known as a “carousel” on Instagram. By sliding the screen to the left, you can see everything that’s there.
While images are the most common content in an Instagram carousel, videos may also be used. Post a carousel on Instagram, and you may include not just photographs, but also videos. Instagram allows you to post carousels, so you can split up long panoramic shots and upload them separately.

The dimensions of Instagram carousel posts come in a variety of widths and heights

Instagram carousels are the same size as any other type of post. Listed below are the various recommended sizes for carousel post images and videos.

Image dimensions for Instagram carousel

Size of landscape carousel: 1080 by 566 pixels
A 1080p x 1350p portrait carousel is ideal.
Specifically, the 1080×1080 pixel square is the size of the carousel.

Instagram’s video carousel considers

Short videos (3 seconds or less) are required.
Videos can only be 60 seconds long.
.MP4 and.MOV are the preferred file types for video.
Landscape (1.91:1), square (1:1), and vertical (1:1) are all recommended aspect ratios (4:5)
All videos must be under 4GB in size.

Instructions for making a carousel post on Instagram

If you stick to the tried-and-true procedures outlined here, making an Instagram carousel will be a breeze.

Put your emphasis on the primary concept first

Your Instagram carousel, like any other piece of content, needs a concept. Keep in mind that this central concept ought to be either useful or entertaining to your intended audience.

You can’t come up with a good carousel concept without answering these questions first:

Is what I’m proposing actually something my audience will find useful or engaging?
Do you mind if I put up a PowerPoint presentation to describe this concept?
Which is better: a carousel of images or a single image post?
Reconsider your Instagram carousel concept if you answered “NO” to any of the above questions.

If your thought process is too extensive to fit within a single carousel article, consider dividing it up into many smaller ones. Each segment can serve as the basis for its own Instagram carousel.

A carousel post requires a substantial concept, so if yours is on the short side, bulk it out with some statistics, a tale, or both.

Construct a quick play based on it

Write a screenplay for your Instagram carousel post once you’ve answered the questions in the previous phase and chosen a concept. The script essentially has three acts:

Hook (title) (title)
Story (the substance) (the content)
CTA (the final slide) (the final slide)
These are the three categories that appear in every Instagram carousel.


The initial slide in your Instagram carousel is the most crucial one. 

Yet it’s tough to avoid making snap judgements based on superficial factors, such as a person’s appearance. The result of human evolution over billions of years cannot be undone in an instant.

Instagram users will form an opinion of your carousel after viewing only the first slide (the hook). If the audience isn’t interested after seeing the first slide, they won’t bother looking at the remainder of the carousel.

A good hook is one that stops the reader in their tracks as they scroll through their feed. Your Instagram carousel ought to entice the reader to keep scrolling left.


When you’ve had them with the initial slide, the following step is to get them to swipe left. Each succeeding slide is designed to lead the audience to the following slide in the presentation.

Slide one’s purpose is to lead viewers to slide two.

The second slide’s objective is to Go to the third slide in your presentation.

Third slide’s objective: Go on to the fourth slide in your presentation.

The purpose of this final presentation slide is to Drive your viewers to the call-to-action slide.

Your presentation slides should flow naturally from one to the next by telling a tale that centres on your main point.

The C.T.A.

The level of interaction with your posts is entirely dependent on the CTAs you use. Rather of expecting that your audience would take action, you should direct them to take that action.

Your Instagram carousel will lead your viewers to your call to action (the last slide). The call to action slide is just as crucial to your engagement as the hook slide was in the first place.

On the last slide of your presentation, you might request that your audience do the following.

Appreciate this article
Add your two cents about this
Get your readers involved by posing a question and telling them to respond in the comments.
Mark this blog as interesting and save it for later
See your profile and follow it
Check out my profile
Don’t be shy about sharing this article
Use the tag to notify a companion or associate
In addition…
Although it may seem unimportant at first glance, tweaking the CTA is one of the most effective growth hacks for Instagram advertising.

Pick up some brand-appropriate colours and typefaces

Having a brand guideline makes it simple to design your Instagram carousel post. It is important to specify the typefaces, colours, and other aesthetic parameters for your brand in this brand guideline. The good news is that you can create a brand guideline from beginning even if you don’t already have one.
To be inconsistent and haphazard with your brand’s colour scheme is not necessarily a negative thing, but it is also not very nice.

Make sure you have established brand guidelines before you start making your Instagram carousel. If that’s too much to take in, here are the basics:

Generally, brands choose either Times New Roman or Arial as their primary typeface.
All carousels should utilise the same 2 or 3 colours at the most.
A.PNG version of your logo
A personality for your product or service

How to make beautiful Instagram carousels, step by step using data?