Carousels on Instagram are well worth your time if you’re a social media manager or company owner trying to increase your audience’s interaction with your posts.

Create and schedule an Instagram carousel with these easy to follow instructions. Moreover, here are some strategies you may use to make people want to view your entire content the moment it appears in their feed.

A carousel on Instagram: what is it and how do I make one?

Instagram carousels are similar to the slideshows of yesteryear. Postcards are a collection of up to ten photos or videos (or a combination of the two) that your followers may swipe through in your feed.

Other from that, they are the same as any other feed post, complete with a caption and all the rest of the usual features.

The benefits of Instagram carousel posts

Instagram carousels have the advantage of keeping your followers engaged for more than just one photo or video with a commentary. Simply because viewers have to scroll through several images (or clips) before getting to the content proper. And it will tell Instagram’s algorithm that your posts are popular with users.

Nevertheless, there is a catch here. It’s possible that having access to many images won’t be enough to sway anyone’s opinion. Not because of any “magic technique” that draws folks in immediately. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to just have a lot of “slides” with boring text on them. But don’t worry; I’ll give you some advice on it later on in this piece.

Strategies for boosting interaction with Instagram carousel posts

Using several photographs in a post isn’t enough to ensure a lot of people will click on it (and avoid being scrolled over in the Instagram feed). You may improve your chances of attracting the attention of your target audience by doing certain actions.

Well, I’ve got a couple examples for you.

Get your reader’s attention right away with a hook

A literary hook is a sentence or phrase that catches the reader’s eye and compels them to pause scrolling through their feed. It’s not a snug fit in the present day, but it’s not impossible either.

Try to come up with a line or picture (or both) that will pique readers’ curiosity. It may be humorous, odd (but, you know, reasonably odd), or out of the blue.

Highlight the fact that this is just the beginning

Get their attention, and then make it very apparent that they need to look at every picture to receive the full picture. Including specific instructions in tap often does the work.

(Don’t presume visitors will be aware of other attractions. They could, but it’s also possible that they won’t pay attention to the fact that the post is actually a carousel and not just a single image. (It is preferable to err on the side of caution rather than regret.)

Spill the beans!

The information that follows the hook must be compelling enough to hold the reader’s interest (which is so easily lost). To that end, each slide in your carousel should work together to encourage your audience to swipe left.

Not only is this useful when your Instagram carousel is all descriptive text, but it also works in other contexts. If you’re going to rely only on photographs, put them in a sensible arrangement that makes for a compelling totality.

Pose a query

When you want people to pay attention, asking a question is your best bet. To put it another way, you can’t expect a response from your social media followers if you don’t engage them by asking them questions.

You might simply ask them what they think of your latest article or about your new products and services. Also, you may make question-asking into a game or quiz because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like quizzes?!

Create something that’s simple to read

(There was a good reason we referred to it as “bite-sized content.”)

It’s probably not the best idea to post really long-form material on Instagram, so don’t try to bury your viewers in a sea of text.

In its place, you should utilise each image to convey a quick, simple suggestion or concept that won’t boring your reader. Create something that is both interesting and visually pleasing; after all, you are posting to Instagram, which is mostly a visual medium.

A carousel may also be used to glean key points from longer works such as ebooks or manuals. They work well as shareable previews that can expand your audience.

Strive for coherence and aesthetics

When it comes to graphics, you don’t have to be a designer (or have a designer on your team.) There are a lot of tools out there now that can help you make attractive photographs for your social media accounts (like Canva, for one). Moreover, as seen by some of the aforementioned instances, Instagram carousels that consist entirely of text may be visually beautiful and consistent with your brand.

Moreover, the more visually appealing they are, the quicker your reader will be able to spot them.

Promote your company by showcasing its employees

Brands and items that people love to buy are more likely to be purchased if they know that the people behind them are also humans. And Instagram carousels are the ideal way to introduce your staff to your audience.

You may use them to make a carousel of your whole staff or a succession of individual profiles.

Pay close attention to specifics

  • Similarly, carousels are a fantastic tool for showcasing various features of your offering:
  • Exhibit a variety of items from your stock
  • Exhibit your wares from various vantage points and in various environments.
  • Test out your product’s functionality in a variety of contexts.
  • Increase the amount of user-generated material such as reviews and ratings, etc.

You may also provide background about the company and its products to help consumers better understand them.

Instagram Carousels: The Secret to Getting (and Keeping) Viewers’ Attention