Every Instagram company has to know the secrets to generating genuine, organic Instagram interaction. While it’s fantastic that you’re posting, it won’t do you much good if no one engages with it by like, commenting, or sharing. Instagram marketing without active participation will not lead to tangible business results.

This article delves further into how to boost engagement using ethical methods that communicate with actual humans rather than automated bots. We won’t go into why you shouldn’t purchase likes or follows, but we will say it now: don’t.

The definition of “Instagram engagement”

How many people engage with the content you upload on Instagram is referred to as “engagement.” However, it’s not simply a number. It’s a set of indicators that shows how engaged your online community is and how effective your material is in reaching your target demographic.

Instagram interaction is valuable since it shows that viewers are pausing to connect with your posts rather than just passing them by. It also shows that they identified with some aspect of what you shared and developed an emotional connection to it or to your business. Those emotions are the driving force behind brand loyalty.

Fifteen strategies for boosting Instagram likes and comments

Get Close to the Reels

You can’t have been paying attention to Instagram this year and not have heard that Reels are the app’s current darling. The most efficient approach to expose your work to people outside of your immediate circle of followers is through the use of reels.

Just one Reel shared earlier this month on my Instagram account caused a spike in my account’s reach. Take note of the dramatic increase in the far blue area of the bar, which indicates those who aren’t followers.

Try out a variety of Reels options.

Any type of Reel posted to Instagram has the potential to improve interaction, but increasing watch time yields the most increase. This means that the opening three seconds of the Reel are crucial if you want to keep the audience engaged for the duration of the clip.

Take advantage of Instagram’s SEO

Instagram SEO is all about increasing the visibility of your Instagram posts in user-initiated keyword searches. Search engine optimisation (SEO) readers are highly engaged since they are actively seeking out your content’s topic.

Learn who you’re talking

AllBirds has found that its customers are very curious about the company’s eco-friendly policies. Their competitive advantage is that they are environmentally friendly. So, while they do share images of their fashionable footwear and apparel, they also spend considerable time promoting their concern for the environment.

Always update at optimal times, and don’t forget to post

The more content you provide, the more likely it is that your audience will interact with you. Maintaining a steady stream of updates will keep your fans engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Timeliness is also important, as we’ve just said. There won’t be much early engagement if you post at a time when most of your audience is asleep.

Get personalised suggestions on when to post for maximum exposure, interest, and interaction.

Be genuine and engaging in conversation.

On Instagram, especially in Stories and Reels, authenticity and relatability are more valued than perfection. Share the stories of the individuals and the journeys that inspired your brand with your audience.

Make Your Pictures Stand Out

To earn likes, comments, and shares on your main feed photos, you need to post something that makes people stop scrolling and look.

Insert a carousel here:

Once you’ve mastered making attention-grabbing photographs, consider sharing some that employ carousels.

Multiple-image posts, or carousels, on Instagram are a fantastic method to increase interaction.

Create compelling captions.

Although brevity is sometimes preferable, don’t be shy about filling up the page if you’ve got an interesting tale to share. Captions, of any length, that provide context and exhibit the brand’s personality are worth their weight in gold.

Make educational content that encourages financial savings.

Followers may find it helpful to store factual stuff like infographics and resource materials to their Collections. This is a significant sort of interaction since it increases the likelihood that the visitor will revisit your site and maybe share your material with their own audience.


    Answering queries in real time, addressing viewers by name, and inviting them into your world can all be accomplished with a Live video broadcast.

    Distribute Original Work from Your Users

    Conversation, not broadcasting, is the point of social media. Sharing user-generated material is a great way to interact with your audience. If someone posts about a crazy Margarita Monday and tags your tequila brand, you should definitely include it in your narrative.

    Return private messages and comments.

    It’s only courteous to reply when others start commenting. By participating in the discussion, you’ll make your followers feel valued and increase their desire to interact with you in the future. If you disregard them, they will certainly disregard you in the future.

    Try new things

    Testing, measuring, and tweaking are the only ways to learn what drives consumer interaction with your brand.

    One of social media’s greatest strengths is that it encourages exploration. If it works, you’ll know very soon; if it doesn’t, you’ll have learnt a valuable lesson with minimal loss.

    Make timely posts

    Explore possibilities for adding your voice to the debate about a trending issue or holiday.

    If your content features a popular hashtag or audio clip, you’ve given yourself an immediate hook.

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