Instagram, in all honesty, is a boon for business-to-business communication. It has the potential to elevate recognition of your company, expand your fan base, and strengthen brand loyalty. In a nutshell, B2B companies can’t afford to miss it.

The benefits of B2B companies joining Instagram.

Before making any changes to their marketing plan, most marketers want to see statistics. Fortunately, there is a wealth of evidence demonstrating the efficacy of business-to-business Instagram marketing. Here are three concrete benefits of promoting your business on Instagram:

Here are four B2B Instagram campaigns that wowed us.

1. Drift

The marketing platform Drift has a podcast dedicated to five distinct topics, ranging from the finer points of business dialogue to the importance of operational excellence. They consistently provide high-quality material due to their frequent episode releases (often many per month for each show).

2. The Litmus Test

Litmus, an email marketing service, shares their knowledge on Instagram. That’s easier said than done when dealing with complicated issues like email deliverability and performance data. Nonetheless, they succeed with the help of Instagram carousels.

3. Deflate

The folks here at Unbounce are the conversion experts. The landing page solutions company uses Instagram Stories Highlights to increase traffic and conversions on Instagram.

Unbounce’s Highlights feature news on new products, company positions on employer brands, and content promotions, among other things. They may easily keep their profile up-to-date by rearranging, removing, and adding Highlights whenever they see fit.

4. Piper, Chili

Chili Piper is an inbound sales solution that delivers sophisticated qualification, routing, and booking software to assist sales teams save time every day. Both their merchandise and their Instagram posts are tailored to the interests and concerns of salespeople.

The Chili Piper Instagram account features posts about self-care, telecommuting, and getting things done. While these aren’t directly related to sales software, they do reflect the concerns of those who will ultimately be using it.

The message is that marketing on Instagram for businesses is not only about making quick money. Relationship-building with prospective clients is essential. Followers will be convinced that your account is worthwhile if you provide material that speaks to their specific problems and desires.

Instagram for business-to-business marketing: 6 suggestions

You’ve almost mastered what you need to know to start developing your approach. Before you plan any new material on Instagram, be sure to read these B2B marketing tips:

1. Define your scope and target demographics.

Note the plural forms of both words. Instagram may help you achieve more than just brand recognition when it comes to B2B marketing. As an employer branding strategy, for instance, you might use the network to reach out to possible candidates for open positions. Alternatively, you may focus on conversions and try out other strategies for increasing site visitors.

No matter what your goals are for using the network, you must first identify your audience. Once this is established, you can begin working on a content strategy that will help you achieve your objectives.

2. In your bio, include a link.

Instagram Business accounts now have the option of adding links to their Stories, although this is still not possible in the body of their posts. A link solution is required to avoid the problem. Link in bio technologies are widely used by businesses to design websites that seem like Instagram feeds, allowing users to easily find the relevant links in the accompanying postings. This is essential for boosting network traffic conversions.

3. Take a look at your material again.

When you’re ready to launch your B2B Instagram marketing campaign, take a look at your material with a new perspective. Think about the marketing materials you already have and how they may be used to inspire fresh Instagram posts.

4. Describe a commercial plan

If you want to maximise your Instagram results, you need to try out sponsored advertising. The 2021 Demand Gen Report reveals that 32% of B2B customers are both aware of and affected by advertisements. Quickly expanding your Instagram following may be facilitated by planning ahead for the use of bought content.

As you develop your organic approach, it’s important to monitor post-level performance statistics to find out what’s generating the most views and comments. When it comes time to invest money behind your performance, those are the comments to read first.

5. Stay abreast with current developments

Instagram is a great place to spread memes, especially timely ones. For good reason, cultural occasions may spark a flood of current information even before the moment has passed. These are the moments that draw people in.

There is the potential for levity and good times, but there are also dangers. Use a sentiment analysis tool to see how people are truly feeling about the issue before diving into the day’s biggest trend.

6. Iterate and improve

Alteration is the only social media constant. Because of the constant rollout of updated features, tools, and algorithms, your approach can never be considered complete. Creative testing is essential for staying ahead of the competition.

Repeated A/B tests might reveal consumer preferences for your brand. Make sure you allocate some time to A/B testing different variations of your content, text, and hashtags to see which ones are yielding the best results. You can soon leverage your Instagram analytics to help you become the next leading business-to-business brand on Instagram.

7. Instagram is where business is done.

Instagram is a must-have for business-to-business marketing, puns aside. Your brand’s favorability and stickiness will rise thanks to Instagram’s numerous content formats, which facilitate discovery and enjoyment at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Knowing the why and how of B2B Instagram marketing equips you to develop a plan that advances mutual objectives. Use this B2B content strategy worksheet as a guide if you get stuck. It’ll serve as a guide as you design and produce compelling content to move leads through the sales process and ultimately seal the deal.

B2B Instagram Marketing: How To Get Started