Instagram has evolved significantly from its early days as a simple image-sharing platform, but one aspect of it has not changed: the significance of hashtag usage.

If you employ the proper hashtags, many daily active users may be able to find your postings. Your interaction on Instagram can go up by 12.6% with only one popular hashtag.

Use hashtags wisely to make it simple for users to find your posts if you want to increase your reach on Instagram.

You may increase your reach and interaction on Instagram by using the hashtags described in this article.

Embrace current trends

Using currently trending hashtags is a great method to grow your Instagram following and interaction. This technique will enable you to quickly increase the number of interactions on your profile and gradually broaden your Instagram audience.

These hashtags are more general and are mostly used by a huge number of users, but they can help you take advantage of viral trends when combined and utilised with more particular hashtags pertaining to your specialty or business. These hashtags are often searched for online.
How to find trending or new hashtags:

Such social media marketing hashtags are plentiful, and you can utilise them in your postings in inventive ways. Therefore, you should choose a pertinent list of popular hashtags for your images.
Simply entering the desired hashtag with the # symbol before it in Instagram’s search bar will show you whether it is currently trending or not. You will be able to check how many postings have used that specific hashtag. The quantity of posts is a useful indication of the trendingness of a certain hashtag.

Use well-liked weekday themes

Posts centred on a weekday, national holidays, and well-liked forthcoming holidays are a great approach to engage your audience. Utilise well-liked themes to produce updates that are uniquely yours. It will add humour and excitement to your content and keep readers interested.

To make your daily postings more entertaining, check out these hashtags for each day of the week.

To make your daily postings more entertaining, check out these hashtags for each day of the week.

Over 2,942,670 postings have been made to the #mondayblues hashtag. This hashtag is well-liked because it perfectly captures the depressed state that 9 to 5 employees experience when they still have a full week of work ahead of them.

Use the hashtag #takemebacktuesday to share a memory of a day you’d like to relive. More than 348,028 posts on Instagram contain this hashtag. The same applies to doing a themed post every other day.
A post on #wellnesswednesday can highlight how important it is to look after your health.
Use the hashtag #thirstythursday to share pictures of your after-work fun with your coworkers.

Offer a motivational saying

When you share inspirational quotations, you should expect to get a lot of engagement. Business hashtags like #hustleharder and #workflow, fitness hashtags like #gymtime, and nutrition hashtags like #glutenfree can all be used in quotes.

Every day, some Instagram users post a motivational quote. Here are some instances of their use:

Let’s say you wish to share tales from your entrepreneurial adventure using the hashtag #entrepreneurlife. This hashtag can be used in conjunction with others that are business- or entrepreneurship-related.

Recognise your clients’ hashtags

Interacting with your customers’ posts is the best way to get to know them. Make a comment, follow them, and learn the hashtags they use that are also relevant to your brand. Use the hashtags your consumers are using in addition to your own to interact with them on social media.

For instance:

@gopro exclusively uses hashtags that cater to the interests of their audience because they are aware that the majority of their followers are either athletes, explorers, or photographers.
You must research which Instagram hashtags are relevant to your target. The most important thing is to choose the ones that apply to your company and add them to your hashtag list.

You’ll need to experiment with a lot of hashtags and keep an eye out for fresh ones that are popular. The ideal strategy is to have a list of regularly corresponding hashtags and a posting calendar.

Use hashtags

A post can have a maximum of 30 hashtags. You shouldn’t attempt to utilise all 30 hashtags, though. It will make your message appear overstuffed with hashtags and make it difficult for users to understand what you were trying to say.

Instead, conduct keyword research on your service or product to create 15-20 hashtags that are most appropriate. Next, create 5–10 hashtags for your company. Remember to save these hashtags in a secure location so you may access them later and use them.

Be motivating

Don’t let work and play conflict. Your audience will remain interested as long as you act in this manner. By letting people know what you are doing and maintaining a high level of user expectation, you can achieve this effect. You’ll be able to encourage interaction among your followers.

#selfcare: To keep your audience interested, take a picture of yourself or how you are taking care of yourself and publish it online.
What are you reading at the moment? Write a compelling narrative and upload it beside the image.

Last thoughts

You may expand your Instagram audience by using the hashtag techniques you’ve learnt. Utilise the Instagram automation tool to automate your posting and produce original material to maintain audience engagement.

We hope you’ll use the recommended Instagram hashtags listed in this article. Do not forget that you are free to experiment with your own hashtag combinations. When utilised consistently with your postings, a good mix of hashtags will help you achieve your goals.

Instagram Hashtag Strategy: All You Need To Know