It’s commonly said that the more followers you have on social media, the more influential you appear to be. In addition, the more followers you have, the more probable it is that you will become an Instagram influencer, even if the number of followers is not directly proportional to influence (trust score and personality, however, are).
This post will discuss many practical strategies for gaining a larger Instagram following.

Having a well-designed Instagram profile is essential if you want to gain more followers, but that’s not all you need to know before we get started. You need a well-written bio, an eye-catching profile photo, and visually pleasing material.

How to Boost Your Instagram Following Without Spending a Dime?

Promoting on many platforms at once

Spread the word about your Instagram account by sharing it on other networks and by including comments with links to your profile and other posts. Create an engaging post and list the benefits to encourage others to check out your Instagram and perhaps follow you.

Reels and videos shared on IGTV

Instagram users may now share films up to an hour in length. Instagram now supports video, allowing users to share vlogs, conduct Q&A sessions, and more.
Furthermore, Instagram favours influencers that utilise Instagram’s new content capabilities like Reels and IGTV. Keep in mind, though, that Instagram would frown upon directly uploading your TikTok films to Reels without any editing. Rather, you should first post a clip to Reels and then share it on TikTok. Use a service that removes the watermark while downloading your own TikTok video.

Tags, including hashtags and geotags

By increasing your profile’s discoverability and boosting your chances of appearing on the Explore page, these tactics will help you gain new followers. Nevertheless, this strategy is only effective if your content is properly hashtagged. Thus, those who are interested in what you have to say will be able to find you with relative ease.

You can use medium-frequency tags, which have between 10k and 500k posts, or low-frequency tags, which have less than 10k posts. Certain high-frequency ones are also doable, but using them too often might lead to a shadowban.
By using a geotag in your post, you may reach people in the immediate vicinity. As a result, there is a greater possibility that your “neighbours” will not walk by and then follow you. More importantly, similar to the usage of hashtags, geo-tagging increases the likelihood that your post will be seen by those who are actively looking for material about this area.

Scanning a QR code

You may copy your QR code and put it on business cards, your automobile, or wherever else people will notice it. In this way, you’ll appeal to a broader demographic. Simply locate the QR code page, download the image, and print it out.

A feature that allows you to tag other Instagram users as well as yourself

Try tagging yourself in a picture or having your friends include you in a tale. Do the same steps yourself. Those who are tagged by someone are more likely to check out your profile, as are the marked person’s friends and followers. To add to that, the business or influencer you tagged could check out your page, like what they see, and repost it, driving traffic from their followers over to yours.

Interaction via comments, likes, and follows


It’s important to identify the influencers and companies who are already communicating with your target audience, to comment on their posts, and to enable post alerts so that you can answer fast and still check in while the post is still drawing new people. Subtle humour goes a long way with readers. If you want more people to see your post, you need do something other just writing it.

Likes, and follows

Fundamental to the strategy is the act of following and favoriting posts from other users. It really is that easy! Ignorance about what comes next is perfectly acceptable. But these shouldn’t be any old accounts; they should be ones that cater to your demographic and have a similar number of followers to your own, or preferably less. In reaction to the likes they see on their screens, visitors are more inclined to visit your page and, if they like what they see, follow you.


Hold a contest and see how much interest you can generate from your audience. Give out a freebie, but make the terms of acceptance clear. In addition to attracting new followers, this will boost the involvement of your current audience. The duration of the giveaway need not be particularly long; 5-7 days is plenty to accommodate everyone who is interested in taking part.

It is important to keep your target market and demographics in mind while selecting a reward. When you give away something as generic as an iPhone, you attract a bunch of people who have no interest in what you have to say and will promptly abandon your profile the moment the contest is over.

Excellent variety and quality of material

Keep up with what’s popular on Instagram. Or maybe you can join a flash mob or take part in one of the many viral challenges now sweeping the internet. Keep an eye on the content that leaders in your field are sharing.
If you make it into the Explore page, where users can find out about the most popular content being shared, your reach will rise naturally.

Make sure to include a call to action at the conclusion of your pieces asking readers to share, like, or comment.

Live broadcasting is another effective strategy for gaining new viewers. Live broadcasts are a great way to interact with your audience and get new subscribers. Communicating with your subscribers, sharing interesting life experiences, and fielding inquiries are all excellent uses of live broadcasting.

Instagram users who missed the live broadcast may see the recording of it on IGTV once the event has concluded.

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