Explain the Instagram feature of “grid pinning.”

Instagram’s new Grid Pinning function was unveiled in June 2022. The function seems extremely elementary at first look. Up to three articles or reels of your choosing can be “pinned” (featured) at the very top of your personal feed.

Anything you “pin” to your Instagram profile grid will remain at the top of your stream forever, much like pinned messages on Facebook or pinned tweets on Twitter. Pinned content cannot be automatically unpinned or replaced.

However, Instagram is different from other social media platforms in that you can have up to three pinned items on your personal grid. It will require some forethought to decide how many posts to feature, which posts to pin, and in what sequence to emphasise them.

We’ll investigate some options for organising your grid and marking your articles. But first, I’ll show you how to clip and unpin photos and videos on Instagram.

Pin Photos to Your Instagram Profile

Make sure you’re using the most recent version of Instagram before you get started. The Instagram app’s personal screen is where you’ll find the posts you can save to your timeline. Tap the post’s title to view it in Instagram. The post-action option can be accessed by tapping the three dots in the top-right area.

Taking Your Pinned Instagram Photos Down

The article you want to feature at the head of your profile stream must be unpinned first. To de-pin an article, open it and select “Unpin from Explore” from the three dots in the top right area. Choose the Unpin from Profile option. You should check your grid again to make sure the article is no longer marked. The proper action would be to return it to its original location in the feed’s sequential order.

You can now go back and bookmark the articles you’d like to feature, taking care to do so in backward order. Don’t put the post you want to appear first in your stream until last.

Remember that Instagram profiles can only have three pinned images at a time. When you try to highlight a fourth article, a message saying “Pin Limit Reached” will appear. To proceed with the password anyway, select the Confirm button.

Pin Highlight Videos to Your Instagram Profile

Any feed update can be pinned to your profile using the Grid Pinning tool on Instagram. This means you can prioritise certain media on your Instagram stream, such as pictures, videos, or highlight reels.

Follow the same procedures as adding pictures and videos to your Instagram stream to upload a reel. To access the menu, press the three dots in the upper right area of the video you wish to highlight.

Marketing with Instagram’s Grid Pinning Function

The Instagram Grid Pinning function provides a helpful new option for advertising posts. How, then, should your business utilise it to highlight vital information? Determine how many articles should be pinned and how often they should be rotated as a group. Some considerations are as follows.

  • Align your brand’s marketing strategy with the pins you create. Pinning a relevant article is a fantastic method to increase exposure to a time-sensitive offer, for instance.
  • Don’t keep the same saved content up forever. Pins are displayed first to profile users, so if you never rotate the top three articles, your grid will appear stale.
  • Every other week or so, check in on the bookmarked content. Evergreen posts can be promoted at any moment, even if you have no other time-sensitive material to push at the same time.
  • Pin statistics can help you determine the optimal amount of pins for your brand’s profile. You can maximise this feature’s worth for your business by monitoring its performance and making adjustments as needed.

Product Introduction

Do you plan to expand your current offering to include something new? You’ll most likely release a series of Instagram photos or videos advertising your new product. Selecting one (or up to three) to “pin” can increase awareness of your new product introduction and reach a wider audience.

Highlighting Content

Is there a brand-specific YouTube, TikTok, or Spotify series that you’ve released? Instagram images that are “pinned” are great for sharing on other social media platforms. Make sure the bookmark has all the pertinent information, such as where the content can be found and why fans should check it out.

Feedback from Happy Customers

Direct praise from consumers, as opposed to the media or other professional organizations, can be extremely rewarding. Pinning posts to the top of your Instagram stream is a great way to draw attention to reviews and recommendations that your team regularly shares from satisfied customers.

Instagram users are more likely to read and act on testimonials if a crucial quote is highlighted in the accompanying picture or video. Then, in the description, you can write out the entire evaluation.

Created by the Users, For the Users

The majority of the time, your team may decide to share articles and videos that feature your brand’s unique content. However, saving UGC can also benefit your business and its consumers.

By adding user-generated content, you can show your audience how they can put your goods and services to use right away. User-generated content (UGC) can also aid in establishing confidence and credibility, which can be difficult to achieve with branded content alone.


You can achieve your marketing goals on Instagram by pinning posts, whether you want to feature ongoing content or emphasise limited-time offers. Apply the advice above to create a plan for highlighting posts and clips, and you’ll have the foundation for the best Instagram profile grid possible for your business.

The Importance Of Profile Pins In Instagram Marketing