The loss of engagement or followers on Instagram is the worst case scenario for any marketer using the platform. Likewise, think about the consequences if your photos stopped showing up in hashtag-related searches. That’s quite scary, huh? For this reason, Instagram has a feature called “Shadowban.”
Around 2 billion people use Instagram each month, per Statista. Hence, 17.6 percent of all people on Earth use Instagram. There is no denying the immense success of this social media site.
Yet you might be concerned and want to know why no one is seeing my Instagram postings. This is because Instagram may have shadowbanned you, making your posts invisible to the public.

Shadowbans on Instagram are possible for everyone. Our profiles are private and inaccessible to anybody who is not already a follower. Instagram’s shadowbans last for varying amounts of time. There is a wide window of time, from a few days to a few weeks, that is possible (and some people, months).

Instagram users may experience a shadowban if their posts are less likely to be seen by other users, reach fewer people, or aren’t featured on any relevant hashtags. The situation may possibly be worse if you were unaware of it occurring to you.

Do you find yourself pondering the meaning of “shadowban”? Fear not! In time, we’ll learn the answers to every question.

Can You Really Get a Shadowban on Instagram?

The term “shadowbanning” refers to the practise of censoring a user’s social media posts without the person being aware of the action. A shadowban is analogous to a ban that is not made public knowledge. The company behind Instagram strongly denies any kind of shadowbanning is taking place. That’s why it’s likely you won’t notice that Instagram has banned you in the shadows. Your Instagram content is hidden from non-followers until they choose to follow you. Your followers will gramme your images, making them visible to the shadowban.

After receiving a shadowban, your visibility will decrease dramatically. As a result, this might lead to a decrease in participation. As a result, you can hit a wall in your Instagram growth. You can even see negative development if the conditions are just right.

Online celebrities commonly hold the belief that social media platforms artificially suppress their content’s viewership as a kind of punishment. Shadowbans, as they are colloquially known, are suspected of diminishing a platform’s appeal. Technology companies have denied this idea time and over again, but it persists.

The fear of being shadowbanned is widespread across all platforms. In 2020, for instance, when many said they couldn’t see PewDiePie’s channel in search results, the suspicion arose that he had been shadowbanned.

The reasons why an Instagram account could be shadowbanned

When you violate Instagram’s TOS or standards for using the platform, you are shadowbanned. Instagram’s goal is to decrease visibility by eliminating accounts that violate its terms of service. Instagram has not made any official comment about the motivation for shadowbans.

Using a Program that Doesn’t Follow Instagram’s Rules

Sites that do things like that automatically submit material, buy fans or followers, etc. fall into this category. Instagram is trying harder than ever to spot these kinds of patterns. It has grown so pervasive that even bots like MassPlanner and Instagress have been taken down. Instagram’s blocking of both accounts exemplifies how serious the network takes its Instagram Shadowban policy.

Exceeding Allowed Time Periods

Instagram limits how many likes, comments, and shares a user may receive in a certain time frame. Likes and followers are two examples of such interactive behaviour. Do your best to maintain all engagement activities within the time restrictions set if you don’t want to risk being detected as spam or a bot on the site or experiencing an Instagram Shadowban.

To what extent is it possible to remove the Instagram shadowban?

So, you think a shadow ban has been placed on you? You may be wondering how to unshadow on Instagram now.

Several viable solutions to fixing your account as soon as possible are shown below.

Observe the Service’s Rules and Regulations

Instagram, comments, and follower pods are all low-cost engagement tactics that may be used, as can Instagram bots or any other form of automated interaction on Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm is notoriously difficult to game. At now, there is inconclusive evidence that such actions earn one a shadowban. Unfortunately, though, one should not take any chances. You might get a 24-48 hour suspension or perhaps have your account terminated if we find out about this.

Refuse Permission to Unauthorized App

Several currently accessible applications require access to your Instagram account in order to work properly. Are you using a programme to monitor your followers and unfollowers, scan for hashtags, or automate your engagement? All of them are, sadly, cardinal sins.

This licence should only be issued to Instagram Partners who have been approved to use the Instagram API.

To avoid potential problems, refrain from using controversial hashtags.

Engagement may decrease if you use restricted hashtags. Using these hashtags too frequently might get your Instagram account deleted.

Verify each hashtag twice before using it. It’s a good idea to make it a habit of checking to see if a hashtag will be permanently prohibited before using it.

If you accidentally use a restricted hashtag in a post, you can remove it selectively using the editing features. It’s just necessary to eliminate the restricted ones.

Get in Touch with Instagram Support

Why aren’t your feed updates being displayed to followers, and how can they find you via Search? It’s worth a shot to contact Instagram’s support team and ask if they can take a look.

Don’t bring up the shadowban, but do let them know that your followers’ inability to view your updates is having a negative impact on your business.

What Causes a Shadowban on Instagram and How to Avoid It?