Each and every Instagram user (and company) wants that verified status next to their account. Nonetheless, we understand how challenging it may be to decipher Instagram’s verification process. If you’re curious about the process as well, this book has you covered.

Getting the Instagram blue badge may multiply your marketing efforts by a factor of five. Even if you have a flawless Instagram profile and feed, it isn’t enough to get you verified. We have done extensive research, analysis, and testing to determine the most effective strategies for gaining Instagram verification.

Exactly what does it imply if your Instagram account is “verified?”

Verification on Instagram demonstrates that a user represents a legitimate public person, celebrity, or international brand. Simply put, it’s a digital representation of the trust sign. This mark of trust may be seen on many different social media sites. Each social media platform—Twitter, Facebook, and even Tinder—issues its own unique “verified” label to show that an account is legitimate.

To help distinguish legitimate accounts from imposters, several emblems of authenticity have been developed. That the appropriate person or product get the most support from the public. Accounts that have been verified stand out as more credible in search results.

It’s thus not surprising that the emblem has become a symbol of authority. They are not handed out to just anybody, which lends them an air of status due to their rarity. Unfortunately, this has no effect on the number of people that interact with your profile. Instagram has therefore made it quite obvious that the interaction that verified accounts receive is not in any way related to the verification badge, but rather to the content that these accounts publish.

Prerequisites for Instagram’s verification process

Your account, for starters, has to play nice with the community rules and Conditions of Service. After that, Instagram has established 5 guidelines that must be met before an account may be verified:


Your profile must be associated with a legitimate person, company, or product. Simply put, you must be who you claim to be. There is no way to get verified while running a meme page or a fan account.


Except for language-specific accounts, only one account per person or company will be validated.


A request for Instagram verification cannot be processed if the account is set to private.


Provide a full bio, a high-quality profile photo (preferably one in which your face is visible), and at least one post. Do not include “add me” links in your bio for other social networking sites.


It’s important to note that not everyone can obtain the verification badge just by asking for it. It is imperative that the entity your account represents is well-known and frequently sought after. Here is when the process becomes more open to interpretation, leading to confusion about the precise requirements for verification.

You may be considering how to improve your Instagram profile in order to maximise your chances of being approved. To help you achieve the best possible results, we’ve included some advice below.

Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting Instagram Verification

Build up your profile by including a bio and photos

As this is a primary condition for verification, let’s examine the best ways to improve your profile in this regard. First first, choose a high-resolution profile image in which your face is easily discernible.

Next, be sure to complete your profile. Fill up your complete name, bio, account category, Facebook page URL, and action button settings.

Linking to your own online properties such as a website, blog, landing page, or app is fine, but linking to your other social media profiles is not. Verified Instagram accounts are forbidden from including “add me” buttons in their bios.

Maintain a regular posting schedule to attract more readers and encourage more comments

Although having a single post is all that’s required to apply for verification, we advise you to routinely post on Instagram by learning the Best and Worst Times to Post on Instagram. How else can you attract more attention to your profile and show that your account is worthwhile? After all, it is one of the requirements.

To get people to follow you, you need to find your niche and write about things that interest them. Maintain a daily posting schedule and use trending hashtags to increase your post’s exposure. You can grow your following and make your account stand out by targeting a certain demographic with your posts and providing them with stuff they find interesting.

Increase your online visibility by sharing content across platforms

Having a strong presence on other social media networks outside Instagram is essential. While it’s frustrating that you can’t include links to these accounts in your Instagram bio, it’s worth it to make an effort to drive traffic to your profile from other social media sites.

You may increase the number of people who follow you across all of your social media platforms by encouraging them to do so through cross-promotion. Being well-known on more than one service simultaneously improves your credibility and the likelihood that you’ll be confirmed.

Refine your online image

For the same reasons stated above, maintaining just one Instagram account reduces your odds of becoming verified. Instagram checks your account throughout the internet for badge eligibility. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you rank well when people look for your name online if you want to obtain Instagram verified.

Be sure to optimise your various social media profiles so that you rank better in relevant Google searches. Start a blog, optimise your website (if you already have one), make podcasts, and guest post on other sites to increase awareness of your name. If you want more people to interact with your social media presence, you might experiment with current trends.

A Detailed Tutorial on How to Get Instagram Verification