Businesses need to figure out how to compete with the abundance of content on Instagram and the platform’s constantly shifting algorithms by successfully capturing users’ attention.

Getting more Instagram followers isn’t as simple as it used to be. The days when you could gain at least a hundred new Instagram followers just by sharing a photo and including some hashtags are long gone. However, social media trends change rapidly, making it more difficult to gain new followers than it formerly was. Even though growing your brand’s Instagram following may seem unattainable now, there are steps you can do to make it happen.
Businesses need to figure out how to compete with the abundance of content on Instagram and the platform’s constantly shifting algorithms by successfully capturing users’ attention. To help you become an Instagram pro quickly, we have created a list of the top methods for attracting more followers and drawing more attention to your brand.

Determine the optimal posting time

You might not give much thought to the timing of your Instagram posts, but you should. The challenge of deciding when to publish your content arises from the fact that there are seven days and 24 hours in each. Instead of suffering through the frustration of having to figure it out on your own, just do a quick search online and you’ll have the basis for an effective Instagram content strategy.

There is no need to spend hours researching the optimum times to post on Instagram because so many social media blogs and social media management software have already done the legwork for you. However, you shouldn’t settle for the suggested times. It’s important to remember that your target demographic is unique and that they may use Instagram at times that differ slightly from the “most popular” times. You may use this aggregate data as a starting point for scheduling, and then tweak the times you post as you learn what works best for your audience.

Use hashtags with caution

Hashtags are the best approach to expand your Instagram following. However, you can’t get away with using any old popular hashtags. While that would be amazing, the reach of even the most popular hashtags is limited; however, there is another kind of hashtag that will help you gain more Instagram followers.

That’s what people in your particular field of interest call a “niche hashtag.” If you’re a photographer in New York, you might want to use #newyorkphotographer instead of the more general #photographer (which has been used on over 168 million posts and counting). Using certain hashtags in your Instagram posts will help you attract new followers who are really interested in your field and raise your profile’s profile image recognition among Instagram users.

Don’t just post the usual stuff

Avoid relying solely on photographs; Instagram’s many tools can help you give your followers a richer experience. You can provide your fans more opportunities to engage with your brand by making use of tools like video and IGTV.

You may learn more about your audience’s preferred method of interaction with your brand through IGTV’s long-form content experiments. Don’t feel like you have to make a long video right away. Start slow by sharing a video once a week and observe how your audience responds in comparison to standard posts. Make advantage of these results to adjust your Instagram approach and always provide your audience with the stuff they want to view.

Make use of geotagging

The importance of “location, location, location” is often cited. Although this expression is more commonly associated with the real estate industry, it is just as applicable to Instagram. The geotagging function solves this problem by letting users attach geographical information to the posts they create. Including a geotag in your Instagram posts makes them more discoverable to those looking for content from that area.

In addition to regular social media updates, geotagging can be used in a variety of other contexts as well. Stickers in Instagram Stories and hashtags can also be used to geotag a post.

Improve your images

Because of the visual nature of Instagram, the quality of your images will directly impact your ability to compete with other brands and gain new followers. Have you merely brought your phone? Not at all! You don’t need to be a skilled photographer to figure out how to utilise your smartphone to take photographs that are worthy of being posted on Instagram.

Fortunately, you can immediately improve your Instagram photography with a few simple tricks. The quality of your Instagram images will improve dramatically if you start by using the rear camera on your phone.

Connect with complementary businesses

It may seem counterproductive to work with rival businesses, but doing so can help you reach new audiences and grow your Instagram following. By forming an Instagram partnership with a company, you can each gain exposure to the other’s audience and expand your online following.

Don’t be intimidated if this is your first time collaborating with a brand or joining Instagram. Reaching out is a crucial step in expanding your Instagram following, and it’s easier than you might think. You should start your partnership journey by looking for brands that your audience is interested in. It’s smart to make sure their brand values are in line with yours before committing to a long-term engagement with them.

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