Since many individuals will still be working from home in 2022, the window of opportunity for posting to social media has expanded. When discussing Instagram in particular, time is undeniably one of those crucial factors to increase exposure, clicks, and conversions.

The requirement for firms to provide interesting content in order to get more Instagram followers is something that many companies have come to terms with already. The key is to timing your photo, video, and Story uploads appropriately. The issue of publishing timing has been especially pressing after Instagram began using an algorithm-based feed in 2016. If you post at the incorrect moment, no one will see it.

However, if you’re seeking for a one-size-fits-all optimal time, we’re sorry to say that there is no such thing. Different markets, products, and target demographics necessitate individualised approaches. The more you learn about your target demographic, the more you can tailor your material to their interests. The greater the attention paid to your publications, the more personalised their content should be.

Here, using data collected by Sprout Social, we outline the best times to post on Instagram in 2022.

When Should You Post on Instagram? Some Things to Think About

There will be an optimum time frame that works well for every audience, geographic area, and type of business. In order to pinpoint this time frame and ensure the highest levels of user participation, the social media management expert must take a number of factors into account.


Analyzing interaction over the course of a week reveals how dramatically attention shifts from day to day. Since most of us adhere to a Monday through Friday schedule, there is a very obvious correlation between the day of the week and social media usage. Mondays tend to be busier, leaving less time to check Instagram, but as the week progresses, we find ourselves logging more and more hours online. The optimal time to publish is during the week, when most people’s work schedules are aligned with Instagram and other social media.

Plan and prioritise what you want to share on Instagram. The finest material, for instance, should be published on days with the highest audience engagement. While this doesn’t guarantee that anybody will ever view your material on non-peak days, it does indicate that your best work will receive the most eyeballs.

Daytime breaks for rest and relaxation

Instagram is often accessed by its users during lunch hours. Not everyone has the luxury of time to check their social media accounts during work hours, but they may do so during their lunch break. As a result, if you publish around the lunch hour, more people will see it.

Additionally, Instagram breaks seem to be more popular in the afternoon. Maybe at the end of the day, everything has been accomplished, and you can relax with some social media. Take advantage of this if you know when your audience will be taking a break.


Always take the date into account; user engagement drops dramatically on weekends and holidays. People, for instance, spend less time on social media during major holidays and long weekends because they are more likely to be away from home, visiting friends and family, or simply unwinding at home. As a result, your followers won’t make checking out their Instagram feed a top priority.

Instagram has its highest volume of users right before the holidays. If you have a fantastic post planned for New Year’s Eve, it’s best to release it in the morning rather than the evening, when people will be too preoccupied with their own plans to read it.

Zone times

Knowing in which time zone the most of your Instagram followers reside can help you pick the optimum time to post to your account. Engaging with your target demographic at optimal times is essential to the success of any social media marketing plan. Once you know where your readers are located, you may schedule your posts accordingly. Use the analytics on your Instagram account if you are unsure about your audience’s location.

Update routinely

When to make a post also relies on how often you plan to make them. Multiple postings may be created and targeted towards specific demographics. On the other hand, if you care about quality and substance as much as quantity, you should give some thought to when you release your work. Whatever your strategy, your postings should be unique and concise.

Audience Segmentation

Your Instagram followers might not act like average Instagram users. If that’s the case, you probably won’t find success with the more conventionally advised posting intervals. Even though these unwritten guidelines are crucial, being adaptable may help you get the most out of your postings.


Experimentation is the only certain approach to determine the optimal time of day to post on Instagram for your company. Publishing at varying intervals and analysing the results afterwards provides a very objective picture. Keep in mind that speed of publishing won’t make up for subpar material. The overall quality of the content and other factors also have a role in the level of audience participation.

Even though there is a “best time to publish,” you may still release articles whenever you choose. Instagram marketing that works should provide room for trial and error. No one else has your target demographic or brand.

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