Social media contests are widely used in advertising. According to the data, there are over 4 million “contest”-related hashtags on Instagram. Instagram contests provide customers and potential customers a fun and exciting cause to engage with your brand and spread the word. Want to know the ins and outs of Instagram giveaways?

Instagram Contests: What Are They?

The term “free” is loaded with significance. Wanting something for free is more powerful than wanting money for most individuals. Freebies are items that are given out to people. We’re human, and that’s why many social media users take part in Instagram campaigns with such enthusiasm.
People are more likely to visit your Instagram page and interact with your content if they think there’s a chance they might win a reward from a promotion. Selecting one of your items to serve as a prize, outlining the rules, and publishing the promotion on your site is a simple way to run a contest.

A winner is determined at the end of the allotted period based on the criteria set forth at the outset. The results have been revealed, and the prize has been awarded. To be successful, a competition must have defined entry and victory criteria. You can quickly and easily attract new likes and follows by implementing straightforward procedures.

How can you set up a free Instagram giveaway?

Do you need unique, doable suggestions for target giveaways? Have you thought about rewarding those that follow you? Let’s start with a look at how to design a contest that’s simple to organise.

Choose a Prize for a Freebie

A prize is crucial to the success of your Instagram competition. This means that it must be a rare commodity if people are going to fight for it. It’s a smart move to meet consumer demand for items not carried by mainstream retailers. Since you are purchasing these goods independently, you will need to make a budgetary choice. Instagram advertising can be expensive, so be careful not to go overboard.

Describe how the game is played

After the reward has been selected, the regulations of the contest should be announced. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when planning your first contest; instead, draw inspiration from what’s already worked for other influencers and their businesses.

Creators of freebies usually need participants to complete at least two of the following tasks:

  • Add your friends’ tags
  • Check out someone’s Instagram page.
  • Like a photo and share it
  • Respond below!

The more work your Instagram followers do for your business, the more exposure your account will get. Instagram users can exponentially increase your profile’s visibility by like, tagging, and sharing your posts. However, we suggest keeping the necessary procedures to a minimum of four. Users won’t engage with your game if it’s too challenging for them.

Make sure your marketing effort has a suitable hashtag

Your company’s hashtag is an integral aspect of the advertising strategy. Because of this, you should select a memorable and eye-catching hashtag associated with your brand. Using hashtags, you can easily keep tabs on how many people participated in your contest or game. In addition, using some trending hashtags in your posts is a great way to increase your Instagram exposure.

Make a compelling update

What makes a good marketing post will vary widely from one product to the next. Your brand’s successful strategies may not apply to other businesses. Nonetheless, the following elements are required of every Instagram publication:

  • A succinct notice explaining the details of your competition.
  • An eye-catching, full-color photo of your wares.
  • Don’t go on and on when you’re posting. Separate the most important points with bullets, numbers, etc. The rules for winning the event should be made completely clear to all participants.

Ideas for the Best Instagram Contests

What are the most useful freebies that may be given away on Instagram? Here are some tips you can give to your audience to aid them out.

Get people to like and share what you’ve posted

Solicit your audience’s support by having them like and share your campaign. Doing so will raise awareness of your goods and help you reach a wider audience.

Friend-tag and then follow an account

To encourage more people to follow your page, ask your subscribers to tag a few friends in the comments. Soon, you’ll have a lot more people interested in your business because to this strategy’s ability to attract new customers.

Come up with a new slogan for the product

If you need a catchy tagline for your company but haven’t come up with one yet, this Instagram contest is a great opportunity to get one. Encourage your readers to come up with a motto and share it in the comments for a chance to win a gift.

Create a clever remark on your Instagram photo

Having your fans provide witty captions to your photos is another wonderful idea. Users are given the opportunity to show their mettle in this game. In this method, you’ll attract a larger following. Most of your new followers will likely stick around. This will allow you to reach a sizable audience of potential believers the next time around.

During a specified time frame, like and share the most recent posts

Influencers who are patient and dedicated should choose this strategy. You might, for instance, have candidates like and share all of your new social media postings for a week. Keeping up with the changes and maintaining your readers’ interest may seem like a lot of work, but it will have a beneficial effect on your business if you can pull it off.

How To Run Successful Instagram Giveaway?