Our mission at Rebrandly is to make vanity URLs widely adopted as a means of content distribution. Improve your brand recognition and earn the confidence of your target audience with a vanity URL, often known as a personalised short URL or branded link. Because they are aesthetically appealing, simple to remember, and customers know a business wouldn’t link its name with spam or phishing sites, they also make social media, marketing emails, and offline marketing materials that much better for users. Using vanity URLs in your email campaigns can help ensure that your communications are seen and not marked as spam. They try to get you to click through while you’re using your social media.

Examples of Vanity URL Use in Marketing

For monitoring purposes and advertising on social media

Brand Content, a marketing firm, has a vanity All of the company’s social media postings and advertisements use consistent URLs. Users’ interactions with adverts across mediums may be monitored in this way as well.

It’s crucial to monitor a user’s actions from the time they click on your ad until they leave the page you’re trying to promote.

“One of the advantages of using custom links is that you can monitor how long a person spends on a website and what they do once they get there. While users of social media sites have access to a wealth of information, it can be challenging to monitor their actions once they’ve clicked on an ad. This is a breeze thanks to the custom URLs…

Improving Social Media Conversion Rates

In order to keep tabs on a Twitter contest they were holding for a client in 2012, the team at Strategic Growth Partner, The Golding Group, began employing vanity URLs and link shortening services. They originally used them to monitor traffic and determine its source, but have continued to employ them ever since.

Making a difference? Twitter and Facebook have higher clickthrough rates and better conversion rates, while Instagram has seen a massive uptick in conversions. Instagram does not allow inline links, however posts with links that are simple to copy and paste perform considerably better. On Instagram, vanity URLs get 10-20 times as many clicks as regular URLs.

Because Instagram

I’ve been using Bitly for a time now to shorten links when sharing on social media like Twitter. Having the logo displayed enhances the credibility of my website and business, thus I believe it was money well spent.

I believe they contribute to a positive image of my company as a whole… Since upgrading to Enterprise Bitly was much out of my price range, I decided to move to Rebrandly in order to brand my shortened URLs. Now that I know how to make my own short links, I can compile information from all across the web into one convenient domain with short, memorable URLs.

In order to raise product profile

In addition to reducing space in their social media postings, the Smarthouse Creative team uses vanity URLs to increase brand identification and awareness.

By using custom short links, you may promote your business and reduce the length of your social media postings. The abbreviated URL, for example, may be edited in the Bitly interface or replaced with a new, short domain that better represents your business.

For maximum impact

Magnet Media is a digital content company that places an emphasis on branding in all of its marketing and client efforts, including the usage of unique short links.

In my opinion, they seem more professional than standard bit.ly links, and the added benefit is that you have additional ways to represent your brand or campaign message. Although we haven’t conducted any split-testing using non-branded shortened links, I do think they’re making a difference.

Comments on Facebook and emails

Boomer Benefits, a programme dedicated to educating seniors about Medicare, reaches out to the social media community via branded links posted on Facebook.

I stumbled on a blog article that mentioned Rebrandly after utilising bit.ly. I think it’s great that we can use the links we make to promote our business even further. We signed up right away, and the links have been quite convenient so far…

I find it fascinating to observe the volume of traffic these links receive. In this way, we can learn which posts generate the greatest interest and build on those ideas for the future.

Being true to form

As the former chief digital officer at MIT and now at brand experience firm Cramer, Brent Turner has vast experience with vanity URLs.

Since the dawn of Twitter, vanity URLs have been one of my favourite features. The justification was elementary; we aimed for consistency with our brand and for the length of the linkages to be minimised.

Useful for broadcasts, speeches, and promotional materials.

For a long time, Krishna De has relied on custom short links. She observed them being used by well-known companies like Dell and believed that it was a terrific method to raise awareness of one’s brand. At first, she ran her own URL shortening service. The convenience of Rebrandly’s branded link creation and distribution convinced her to start using the software. She used a WordPress plugin to generate custom short links that go to the root domain of her site. She advises her other colleagues in the advertising, journalism, and PR industries to use vanity URLs.

Here Are Examples Of How Marketers Are Making Advantage Of Vanity URLs.