The marketing industry is finally acknowledging the importance of social media as a key driver of brand expansion for nearly every business. Proper execution of this strategy can have a multiplicative effect on the amount of positive word-of-mouth generated for various businesses, ultimately leading to higher revenue and greater brand recognition. However, this can happen naturally only if your content is engaging. When looking to boost engagement on social media, what kinds of content ideas are available?

Let’s jump right into 11 tried-and-true techniques for boosting social media followers

Post regularly (once a day, once a week, or once a month)

Is it your goal to have your social media feed read more like a jumble than a collection of posts?

Get in touch with your audience on a consistent basis by beginning a series. Regular updates with useful information will train your audience to look forward to specific posts and other content from your company.

The word “free” seems to be a magnet for the masses

One of the best ways to get more people to follow you on social media is to hold a contest every once in a while.

More than nine-tenths of Instagram posts that receive over a thousand likes or comments are related to some sort of competition. However, it is estimated that accounts that regularly host contests will expand by a whopping 70% more quickly than those that don’t.

Hold an Ask Me Anything (Ask Me Anything)

Reddit users love asking questions, so hosting an AMA (ask me anything) series is a fantastic way to teach your audience something new and get them involved. During Q&A sessions in AMAs, you get the chance to talk to your audience and share your thoughts, insights, and expertise.

If you have persevered through adversity or achieved prominence in your field, you likely possess the skills necessary to host an AMA. Such gatherings can be interesting for brands and audiences alike, as they can involve anything from celebrating triumphs to venting about failures.

Take over someone else’s social media account

Giving your social media accounts over to a third party could be a great way to give them a new lease on life.

Takeovers allow another person to temporarily manage your social media accounts (typically for 24 hours). If you’re at a loss for what to post on your social media accounts, handing over the reins to an influencer or celebrity who already has a sizable and active following can be a great way to reach new customers and breathe fresh life into your profiles.
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Let your supporters and admirers do the talking for you

It’s important to remember that not everything you share on social media must be something you made yourself. Being original is not necessarily demanded in most situations. One great way to show that you are more than just a mouthpiece for your field is to promote the work of your followers by linking to their own relevant products, articles, and photographs.

Create short, snackable video clips

Adopting a video content marketing strategy is now essential for any successful online enterprise. However, many people believe that making an investment in the video is difficult or expensive.

Marketers should think carefully about incorporating video into their social media strategies, as video content is shared at a much higher rate than text or images. The strategy of video content marketing entails producing multiple types of films on a regular basis and disseminating them across multiple platforms to attract the attention of people who fit the ideal customer profile.

Find fresh applications for your content

Think about the time, energy, and consideration that goes into creating any piece of content. Does it not make sense to maximise the impact of each post you make on your blog or video channel?

Unfortunately, half of all articles on social media receive only eight shares or less, which is a pretty disheartening statistic.

Each blog post or video you produce should have at least one additional social media content idea conceived for promoting it on different platforms beyond its initial format.

Forming an Alliance with Another Business

It’s always a good idea for businesses to work together for promotional purposes. Two businesses might collaborate on a campaign or piece of writing such as a webinar, ebook, or limited-time offer. Because of this, both companies’ products and services are seen by the other’s customers.

Social media is ideal for brainstorming collaborative marketing strategies because it facilitates easy communication and collaboration between participants. Collaborate with brands that don’t compete with yours but still appeal to a similar demographic.

Make how-to guides

Your blog posts are used in conjunction with other resources. Blogs are great for breaking down complex topics into manageable chunks, and social media accounts offer many other advantages. Buzzfeed makes Instagram videos of tasty dishes with simple instructions. Each film is precisely what it sets out to be and no more.

Keep ideas simple that can be explained in 60 seconds or less in mind as you come up with tutorial topics.

Going Live

It’s easy to see why real-time video would be appealing to viewers.

Facebook Live videos attract three times as many viewers as regular videos posted on the platform. Live broadcasting is a tool that marketers like Seth Godin use to interact with their audiences, address questions, and impart knowledge.

The more you engage with your audience in real time, whether through vlogging or a Q&A session, the more of a personal connection you will form with them.

Communicate with your fans and followers

Being silent with your followers is never a good idea in this day and age when social customer service is so important.

In keeping with the conversational nature of social media, brands should always respond quickly to their followers. Responding quickly to their questions or concerns demonstrates respect for their time.

Everything you say, whether in response to a compliment, a customer problem, or even just a friendly “Hello,” reflects on your business.

11 Social Media Content Ideas To Drive Engagement